Small Business Commercial Interview Package

Small Business Commercial Interview Package
Price: $2,500.00Monthly
Delivered: Monthly


All Airtime will be on Life Creative Network (LCN) Comcast 392, reaching more than 1.7 million Chicagoland viewers. LCN considers Prime-Time hours to be from 7am-11am & 7pm-10pm. Preliminary pricing until end of May 2017. Small Business Sponsorship Ad. Introductory offer for 3 months; Requires a 2-month commitment. 1ST MONTH- $2,500 per month. ▪ 10 1-MINUTE ads. per week during NON-Prime-Time (Includes “interview type” Business ad.) ▪ Creation of the ad - One time editing - Logo appears at the bottom of the interview type ad - Address, website, and handles ▪ 2nd Month: $1,500 ▪ 10 1-MINUTE ads per week in Prime-Time (Includes “interview type” business ad.) ▪ Sponsors must provide logo, handles, and pictures all in high resolution ▪ Created by LCN at a low preferred member rate (additional cost).

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