"All Star" Package

"All Star" Package
Price: $1,500.00Weekly
Delivered: Weekly


All Airtime will be on Life Creative Network (LCN) Comcast 392, reaching more than 1.7 million Chicagoland viewers. LCN considers Prime-Time hours to be from 7am-11am & 7pm-10pm. Preliminary pricing until end of May 2017. LCN “All Star” Package: $1,500/Episode per Week (Must include all below) * a. Will need to commit to a minimum of 8 episodes, once per week. b. Airs 1x during Prime-Time Hours between 7PM-10PM, and 2xs at the discretion of LCN when time is available. c. $1000 per episode d. Weekly routine content approval reviewed by LCN staff. e. Your 30-minute television project (approximately 22 minutes of content, 8 minutes of commercials). Will air during Prime-Time airtime hours. Pricing is for 30 minutes of content programming, if 1 hour of content is requested, the cost will be double. f. Social Media: Ad will air on LCN YouTube Channel weekly and LCN will Post & Promote your upcoming new episodes (Facebook, IG, Twitter, and) minimum of 2 times per week, 3-5 days prior to airing of member’s content i. High resolution Logo, Handle, & Hashtags must be provided by Platinum Members at least 1 week prior to social media campaigns. This must be provided before content is broadcasted. ii. Client is responsible for social media posts with LCN Content Logo at least 2 times per week g. Screening Room: Access to Life Creative HQ & Event Creative spaces during authorized hours, and to assigned collaboration space (1655 W. Walnut, Chicago, IL), where you can utilize this resourceful environment to brainstorm, plan & create your future episodes for LCN broadcast. i. Event Creative staff will also be able to assist you in creating set pieces and other equipment for your production. As an “All-Star” Client, you will have access to discounted customized set pieces if needed. Some restrictions may apply. *In the case that there are more than 5 individuals utilizing a space, from a period of time, we reserve the right to increase price.

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