5-day Programming Per Week

5-day Programming Per Week
Price: $900.00Weekly
Delivered: Weekly


All Airtime will be on Life Creative Network (LCN) Comcast 392, reaching more than 1.7 million Chicagoland viewers. LCN considers Prime-Time hours to be from 7am-11am & 7pm-10pm. Preliminary pricing until end of May 2017. The above packages may apply, as a per day of programming charge. However, the member would only be charged for 3 days of programming - Example: Bronze package (30 minute per show per week) at $300 x 3 days (LCN discounts 2 days of content programming per week). For a total of $900 per week. *In the case that there are more than 5 individuals utilizing a space, from a period of time, we reserve the right to increase price.

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